Best Dutch Bros Keto Drinks: Low in Carbs, High in Taste!

Dutch Bros Keto Drinks
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Looking for low-carb, high-flavor drinks at Dutch Bros? You’re in luck! 

With options like sugar-free syrups and various types of milk at Dutch Bros, you can create a perfectly personalized drink that works great with a keto diet. When I’m cutting down the carbs, I love my morning coffee with sugar-free vanilla syrup and heavy cream.

Whether you’re in the mood for a cold brew or a refreshing iced tea, there’s a keto drink at your favorite coffee shop that will hit the spot.

So let’s find out what are the best Dutch Bros keto drinks and how to order them!

Here is a quick summary of our recommended keto drinks:

Dutch Bros Keto DrinksCarbs in a Medium Cup
Americano 2 grams
Cold Brew3 grams
Nitro Cold Brew3 grams
Double RainbroLess than 1 gram
Sugar-free Teas0 to less than 1 gram
Annihilator (sugar-free)Less than 1 gram
Golden Eagle (sugar-free)0 grams
Caramelizer (sugar-free)0 grams
Mocha Cold Brew (sugar-free)0 grams
Kicker (sugar-free)Less than 1 gram

10 Best Dutch Bros Keto Drinks

1. Americano

One of the best keto coffee drinks at Dutch Bros is the Americano. Hand-pulled shots of rich and nutty espresso with cocoa undertones are mixed with water. Have it hot or iced to suit your mood or the weather. 

A plain, medium-sized Americano has 2 grams of carbs. Add a dollop of heavy cream for a creamy flavor and texture while keeping things Keto-friendly. Or, choose a sugar-free syrup to sweeten it.

In the mood for a milkier version? Add some full cream milk or ask the broista to add a splash of low-carb plant-based option like almond milk.

2. Cold Brew Coffee

Steeping coffee grounds at room temperature or cold water for at least 12 hours results in a cold brew. Definitely one of the best iced coffee drinks at Dutch Bros, the carb amount of plain cold brew is tiny – 3 grams in a medium cup. 

This Keto friendly drink is caffeine-packed, and less acidic with a smoother texture, and heavier mouthfeel. You can also order a toasted or iced version of this drink.

I like to have mine in a keto-friendly way by asking for some heavy cream

Try this beverage with sugar-free Irish cream syrup. It contains less than a gram of carbs in 2 tablespoons.

3. Nitro Cold Brew

A twist on the plain cold brew is the Nitro Cold Brew. When nitrogen is infused in the cold brew, you get a creamy coffee beverage with a foamy top. 

The nitro cold brew is packed with caffeine and is sure to keep you energized throughout a long day. 

It’s served in medium size only and contains 3 grams of carbs. Flavor it with any of the Dutch Bros sugar-free syrups, heavy cream, or non-dairy milk to make a flavorful Keto drink. 

4. Double Rainbro (Sugar-Free Version)

So, here’s the catch. Don’t order a Dutch Bros Double Rainbro as it is on the menu. It’s a chockful of carbs – 44 grams per medium cup. 

But, you can make this drink keto-friendly as its base is made from green tea or Paris black tea – both of which contains negligible carb amount.

Instead of the regular coconut, strawberry, and peach syrups that the drink comes with, ask the broista to swap with zero-carb, sugar-free syrups of the same flavors.

While the coconut and strawberry sugar-free syrups contain no carbs, the peach syrup contains less than a gram of carb per 2 tablespoons. 

5. Sugar-Free Teas 

My favorite Dutch Bros keto drinks include a selection of teas. Order green tea or Paris black tea with any of the sugar-free syrups to get all the flavors of the drink without the carbs.

I go for a sugar-free raspberry syrup to pair with black tea for a rich flavor but no carbs. 

Although I like Earl Grey tea without any sweetener or flavors, you could ask for Splenda or Truvia to add some sweetness. 

Or, ask for a serving of sugar-free peppermint syrup that pairs well with the bergamot tone of Earl Grey tea.

6. Annihilator (Sugar-Free Version)

From the Dutch Bros Classics selection comes the Annihilator. It’s a gorgeous combination of half-and-half with strong espresso. The nutty flavor and cocoa tones of chocolate macadamia nut syrup complete the decadence of this beverage.  

Stay within the Keto guidelines and opt for the sugar-free version of the chocolate macadamia nut syrup. Otherwise, the original Annihilator in a medium cup will set you back by 53 grams of carbs. 

The sugar-free chocolate macadamia syrup contains less than a gram of carb per 2 tablespoons. 

As half-and-half contains dairy milk, you can ask the broista to add water and heavy cream in equal parts.  

7. Golden Eagle (Sugar-Free Version)

Golden Eagle can be turned into one of the best keto Dutch Bros drinks. How? 

Breve consists of half-and-half and espresso. Since half-and-half consists of dairy milk, swap it for equal parts of heavy cream and plant-based milk like almond or water.

Plus, ask the broista for sugar-free caramel and vanilla syrups. They have zero carbs but their rich and sweet flavor and taste won’t let you miss the sugar!

Ask for heavy cream on top and enjoy Golden Eagle blended, iced, or hot to satisfy your craving for a sweet treat without compromising your diet.

8. Caramelizer (Sugar-Free Version)

The original Caramelizer is made with chocolate milk, rich espresso, and caramel sauce with a whipped cream topping. Small wonder that a medium cup contains 38 grams of carbs. 

To make it Keto-friendly, simply swap the chocolate milk for plant-based milk like almond, oat, or coconut milk. I personally prefer almond milk for its creamy texture and light taste. 

Instead of caramel sauce, ask for a serving of sugar-free caramel syrup. It has zero grams of carb per 2 tablespoons and is the best substitute for caramel sauce.

9. Mocha Cold Brew (Sugar-Free Version)

Make your own keto-friendly mocha magic. One of the sweetest keto drinks at Dutch Bros, swap the chocolate milk for oat, coconut, or almond milk in the mocha cold brew. 

Get the full flavors of chocolate by asking for sugar-free white chocolate syrup. It contains no carbs.

The cold brew base gives you the full taste of coffee while the sugar-free white chocolate syrup adds to the luxurious flavor.

If you don’t like white chocolate syrup, order sugar-free chocolate syrup instead to get the real mocha deal in either its iced or hot version. 

10. Kicker (Sugar-Free Version)

The Kicker is another breve-based beverage at Dutch Bros. So, the first thing to keep it keto-friendly is to swap the breve with equal parts of heavy cream or plant-based milk and water. 

That’s because half-and-half in breve has dairy milk and that goes against keto.

Next, ask for sugar-free Irish cream syrup. It contains less than one gram of carbs. The espresso bit stays as it is. 

Voila! You have a sugar-free, keto-friendly kickass Kicker to kick up your day.

Tips For Ordering Keto-Friendly Drinks At Dutch Bros

Remember these simple tips below to make your drinks keto-friendly next time you’re at Dutch Bros:

  • Order plain coffee or tea: Plain coffee or tea without dairy or sweeteners is the best way to make your drink keto-friendly as they contain no sugars or carbs.
  • Choose sugar-free syrups for flavor: No need to forego sweetness or heady flavors when you’re ordering a drink. The sugar-free syrups at Dutch Bros contain zero or less than one gram of carbs.
  • Choose a low-carb milk option: Half-and-half is a relatively low-carb option, but you can also replace it with equal parts of water and heavy cream for even fewer carbs. Or instead of dairy milk, ask for low-carb plant-based alternatives like almond, or coconut milk.
  • Leave out the toppings: Avoid having syrups and sauces on your drink as they contain carbs and sugar. You can choose heavy or whipped cream on top instead.
  • Order a small cup size: If you find out that even after going for sugar-free syrups and plant-based milk your drink is clocking more than 10 grams of carbs, order a small cup size.

Dutch Bros Sugar-Free Menu

Did you know that Dutch Bros has announced a whole menu with sugar-free versions of their classic drinks?

This allows you to enjoy your favorite flavors without getting too many carbs. Just remember that you might want to replace dairy milk or half-and-half with something that has less carbs.

Check out the list of sugar-free Dutch Bros classics here!

Final Thoughts on Dutch Bros Keto Drinks

Dutch Bros has a lot of delicious keto-friendly options if you know how and what to order.

A splash of milk is not going to ruin your keto, but a drink that contains plenty of it will have too many carbs in the form of lactose. So swap regular milk for a low-carb option and opt for sugar-free syrups.

Customize a cold brew, iced coffee, or plain tea, and enjoy your caffeine fix while staying true to your Keto lifestyle!

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