Dunkin Syrup Flavors: Swirls & Flavors Shots Explained!

Dunkin Syrup Flavors
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Ordering a custom-flavored coffee from Dunkin’ is the perfect way to tantalize your taste buds and renew your energy on the go!

Classic Dunkin’ Donuts coffee flavors like caramel and hazelnut are always fan favorites. However, there are also numerous seasonal options like peppermint mocha and butter pecan coffees available at Dunkin’.

With so many delicious flavors to choose from, your options can seem a tad overwhelming. This leaves many coffee drinkers wondering how it all works and what’s the best way to order a flavored drink at Dunkin’.

In this guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know about Dunkin’ syrups, swirls, and coffee flavors so that you can easily order the ultimate drink!

What Syrup Does Dunkin’ Use?

Dunkin’ uses its own brand of coffee syrups that come in two different types — flavor swirls and flavor shots. Flavor swirls add about 150-160 calories for medium-sized drinks but flavor shots only add 5-10 calories.

There are plenty of options to choose from. So next, let’s take a closer look at them!

Dunkin’ Donuts Flavored Syrup Options

The flavor options are certainly vast at Dunkin’! You can choose from a wide range of flavors and select between swirls and flavor shots.

Dunkin’ Donuts flavor shots are unsweetened and sugar-free so if you are looking for a delicious low-calorie Dunkin’ drink, they are perfect for adding some flavor. The flavor swirls are sweet, indulgent, and creamy options made with sugar. Both the swirls and the shots are free of artificial dyes and sweeteners.

Dunkin’ flavor swirl classic options are:

  • Caramel: Caramel is always a classic! Dunkin’ caramel swirl is creamy and sweet with toasted sugar notes. Typically, a small Dunkin’ Donuts caramel drink comes with two flavor swirl pumps. However, if you like things a little bit sweeter, you can ask for an extra pump of caramel swirl!
  • Hazelnut: Another popular Dunkin’ flavor swirl option the hazelnut swirl is nutty and sweet with creamy notes that are similar to the flavor of Nutella Spread. To really mimic that cocoa-infused Nutella flavor, ask for an extra pump of mocha swirl with your hazelnut swirl latte.
  • Mocha: Who doesn’t love chocolate? Mocha flavor swirl from Dunkin’ is chocolatey and rich for a delightfully indulgent taste in your drink. Mocha goes great with all of the other flavors swirl options and can be enhanced with Dunkin’ flavor shots like coconut, vanilla, and raspberry.
  • French Vanilla: Dunkin’ French Vanilla swirl is great for people who love that pure vanilla taste. It is similar to vanilla ice cream and adds the perfect touch of sweetness to your drink. The French Vanilla swirl can be combined with all of the shot flavors for a custom drink that is uniquely your own!

Seasonal flavor swirl options include:

  • Butter Pecan: This seasonal flavor is indulgent, creamy, buttery, and sweet. It goes with a range of other flavors as well for a signature drink like nothing else! The flavors of Dunkin’ butter pecan swirl are similar to those found in butter pecan ice cream or butterscotch candy.
  • Peppermint Mocha: This invigorating and refreshing chocolate peppermint flavor is sure to brighten your day if you love the taste of peppermint patties or mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Dunkin’ flavor shot options are:

  • Vanilla: Vanilla is a proper classic in coffee. Adding a vanilla flavor shot to your drink will ensure that you get pure, rich, vanilla flavor notes, in every sip.
  • Hazelnut: Hazelnut flavor shots add a touch of creamy nuttiness and decadent, complex undertones to your coffee. This type of flavor shot goes well with the French Vanilla swirl, butter pecan swirl, and mocha swirl.
  • Toasted Almond: Shots of toasted almond are perfect for people who love the taste of marzipan and amaretto. Adding a toasted almond shot to a French vanilla swirl latte will give you a creamy, sweet treat! This flavor shot also has a natural sweetness, although no sweeteners are added to it. So, if you want to cut the bitterness of your coffee without adding extra calories, including a toasted almond shot is the perfect solution!
  • Blueberry: A blueberry flavor shot can take your drink to the next level. This flavor is bright and tangy, with notes that are reminiscent of blueberry syrup or blueberry scones. Make a blueberry muffin latte by ordering a hot French Vanilla swirl latte and adding a blueberry flavor shot!
  • Raspberry: Raspberry is tangy, bright, invigorating, and bold. This flavor shot goes wonderfully in a medium latte with an added toasted almond shot and two pumps of french vanilla swirl! It also pairs beautifully with Dunkin’ mocha swirl.
  • Coconut: Last but not least is coconut. Coconut adds a touch of refreshing and nutty sweetness to pretty much every other flavor! Coconut flavor shots can be paired with French vanilla swirl, mocha swirl, caramel swirl, and anything else that you want to make richer and bolder.

How to Add Dunkin’ Syrups to Your Drink

To add flavor shots or swirls to your drink, all you have to do is add them in when ordering at the drive-thru or counter. You can add any flavor shot or swirl to any drink including hot and iced coffee drinks, teas, coolattas, refreshers, and frozen drinks. This means you have hundreds of combinations to try!

There are many delicious ways to combine flavor shots and swirls to create the perfect decadent drink. For example, if you like creamy almond and vanilla-flavored drinks, order a latte with a toasted almond shot and vanilla swirl.

Or, you could order a caramel swirl latte with a coconut flavor shot. Other popular combinations include a coconut shot with caramel swirl, a raspberry shot with mocha swirl, and a coconut shot and butter pecan swirl.

Does Dunkin’ Sell Their Coffee Syrups?

While Dunkin’ does not currently sell its syrup separately, many rumors have been going around claiming that the coffee chain will soon begin selling bottled coffee syrups.

You can also sometimes find Dunkin’ flavored syrups for sale online on sites such as Etsy, among others. Another option is to buy Starbucks syrups which also come in many flavors and are sold online as well as in Starbucks coffee shops.

And then there are the Dutch Bros syrups that are actually Torani syrups widely available in groceries and online stores.

Final Thoughts on Dunkin’ Syrup Flavor Options

As you can see, there are plenty of scrumptious ways to customize your coffee and tea drinks at Dunkin’. Whether you like your drinks super sweet or have been looking for the perfect way to infuse your coffee with bold flavor notes Dunkin’ has you covered.

As long as you understand how to order, it’s easy to get exactly what you have been craving!

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