10 Amazing Starbucks Pink Drinks You Should Try!

Starbucks Pink Drinks
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If you love the way the Starbucks Pink Drink tastes and are now looking to branch out with your menu choices, you will be pleased to discover that Starbucks actually has many other blushing beverages available to tickle your taste buds.

There are an array of similarly colored drinks with lush and rosy hues to please the eyes and the tongue. And what’s best — most of these visually stunning drinks are also full of healthy antioxidants!

Below, we will cover the top 10 best pink drinks to try at Starbucks!

What’s All the Fuss About Starbucks Pink Drinks?

Many Starbucks fans are already aware of “secret menu” concoctions. These off-menu beverages are often promoted by celebrities and influencers.

For instance, Tik Toker Robin Swann promoted an Iced Matcha Latte with chai syrup that has a delicious and unique ethereal taste. Singer Lizzo later posted a video of herself sipping on this drink, agreeing that fans should try it.

Similarly, the Starbucks Pink Drink was popularized in 2016 by customers substituting coconut milk for water in the Strawberry Acai refresher. By 2017, the coconut milk “pink drink” was officially added to the menu!

Starbucks Pink Drink
Starbucks Pink Drink

Although there is only one official menu item called “Pink Drink”, many Starbucks beverages are colored pink because of the syrups of fruit in them.

Strawberry, acai, raspberry, pomegranate, hibiscus, passionfruit, dragon fruit, and watermelon drinks can all give off a pinkish hue. And many of these pink-colored drinks are super delicious and healthy!

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the 10 most impressive options for you to try.

Top 10 Best Starbucks Pink Drinks

What could be better than a drink that looks as good as it tastes?

Pink drinks totally hit the aesthetic of carefree happiness with a touch of posh pleasure and an upscale vibe. Without further ado, here are the 10 tastiest pink drinks to order at Starbucks.

1. Pink Drink

First and foremost, we’ve got to discuss the delicious and creamy Starbucks Pink Drink. This refreshing beverage has a rosy glow with a rich and luscious taste and real strawberries to seal the deal.

A modified version of the strawberry acai refresher, this beverage has accents of passion fruit and creamy coconut milk. It evokes a refreshing and fruity taste to make your taste buds sing.

2. Dragon Drink

Pretty, pink, and oh-so refreshing, this tropically infused drink is a great pick-me-up when you are feeling drained. The Dragon Drink showcases notes of dragon fruit with undertones of ripe mango and sweet, creamy coconut milk.

Shaken with a scoop of ice and enhanced with real dragon fruit pieces, it’s refreshing, elegant, and wonderful for anyone craving something downright delightful.

If you love mangoes, check out my favorite Starbucks mango drinks for more delicious options!

3. Pink Raspberry Passion

This is a secret menu drink that you will love if you like raspberry and passionfruit. The Pink Raspberry Passion drink looks beautiful and tastes like a dream.

The recipe starts with Passion Iced Tea and then calls for 2, 3, or 4 pumps of raspberry syrup, depending on whether you’re getting a tall, venti, or grande. Then, you ask the barista to blend it like a frappuccino.

Topped with whipped cream, it’s so refreshing and delicious that you will want to order it all the time!

For more options, I recommend that you also check out our guide with the best raspberry drinks at Starbucks.

4. Strawberry Acai Refresher

The Strawberry Acai Refresher is the original beverage that inspired the coconut milk Pink Drink version.

Made using real strawberry pieces, passion fruit flavors, and ice, it’s refreshing to the last drop!

5. Strawberry Crème Frappuccino

Even saying Strawberry Crème Frappuccino is enough to make your mouth water!

This sweet, creamy, summer favorite is layered for a gorgeous look and showcases even better flavor notes. With sweet strawberries, whipped cream, and a blended consistency, it’s cold, refreshing, and perfect for poolside days.

6. Violet Drink

Sweet blackberries, bright hibiscus, and coconut milk all combine in the Violet Drink. It’s incredibly refreshing, making it ideal for hot days.

However, this drink has an aesthetic that fits springtime and fall as well!

Since it’s a genuine menu item, you can just ask for a Violet Drink in a venti, grande, or tall size.

7. Matcha Pink Drink

This secret menu item is delicious and shows off an ombre, multicolored effect that can easily light up your Instagram feed.

The Matcha Pink Drink consists of three parts of traditional Starbucks Pink Drink on top of one scoop of matcha powder and coconut milk mixed together over ice.

Topped with real strawberries, this delicious and refreshing drink is stunning to behold!

8. Strawberry Paradise Drink

Many people love the fresh sweet flavors of pineapple and passion fruit in the Paradise Drink. With a creamy coconut milk base and ice, this drink is like an island escape!

However, if you want to make it have an orangish pink color that resembles an island sunset, ask to have a pump of strawberry syrup added to the bottom over the ice. This sweetens the drink and gives it a stunning color effect!

9. Strawberry Acai Lemonade

The Strawberry Acai Lemonade from Starbucks is a refresher with a twist of tart lemon.

Strawberry flavors, acai, and passion fruit over ice with freeze-dried strawberry pieces make this drink the perfect pick-me-up.

10. Blended Strawberry Lemonade

This Blended Strawberry Lemonade beverage is sure to awaken your taste buds.

It has refreshing lemonade infused with delicious strawberry notes and blended for a light and refreshing flavor that will put a little more zing in your step!

Dragon Drink vs Pink Drink – Which One to Choose?

My two top choices here are Pink Drink and Dragon Drink so it makes sense to compare them properly.

Differences between Starbucks Pink Drink vs Dragon Drink:

  • Ingredients: The Pink Drink is made with a strawberry acai base, and contains coconut milk and freeze-dried strawberries while the Dragon Drink is made with a Mango Dragon fruit refresher base mixed with coconut milk and freeze-dried dragon fruit pieces.
  • Taste: Both drinks are creamy, fruity, and refreshing. The difference is that the Pink Drink has some tart berry flavors while the Dragon drink boasts the fruity notes of mango and dragon fruit.
  • Caffeine: Both drinks contain the same amount of caffeine — that’s 45 mg for the Grande-sized drink.
  • Calories: The Pink Drink has 140 calories (Grande size) while the Dragon Drink has 130 calories.

When it comes to caffeine content, calories, and even taste — these drinks are actually quite similar. The main thing is that both of them are sweet, refreshing, and delicious!

So it’s really hard to say which one is better. My suggestion is to order one or the other, and then next time switch it up to keep things fresh.

The Bottom Line on Pink Drinks at Starbucks

If you love pink-colored drinks and want to indulge your palate with a treat, any of the above pink drinks are worth a try.

Although the original Starbucks Pink Drink is a great choice, it’s always good to know what else is out there!

Try all of the 10 options in this guide to find out what pink drink from Starbucks is your favorite.

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