Colombia Nespresso Vertuo Review & Caffeine Content

Nespresso Colombia Review
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Coffee and wine are two of my favorite drinks and I have been looking for a way to enjoy both at the same time.

Then I chanced upon Nespresso Colombia which brings the best of both these worlds in one Gran Lungo mug. The winey sweetness of this coffee is balanced by the tartness of its high acidity, creating fireworks in your mouth.

I hope you have been reading my reviews on Nespresso Vertuo-compatible coffee pods and have been trying out the diverse range of flavors and tastes the brand offers.

Today, I’m going to share my experience with a special treat called Nespresso Colombia. So, let’s get on with it!

What is Nespresso Colombia?

Grown on the high Aguadas mountains in Colombia, South America, these Arabica beans of single origin are used to create the Nespresso Colombia blend. The sweet and fruity notes have a bright acidity that can make a drab day vibrant and cheerful.

Colombia Nespresso Vertuo Features

I like to have my Colombian cup of coffee with a splash of whole milk. It emphasizes the caramel notes of the coffee and creates a creamier texture.

With one pod of the Nespresso Colombia, you get a 7.77-oz (230 ml) mug of coffee.

Aluminum packaging is used to keep the coffee tasting fresh and packed with its original aroma. A sleeve contains 10 pods and each one has 12.5 grams of ground and roasted coffee.

If you want to try another delightful single-origin coffee, check out my Nespresso Costa Rica review.

Nespresso Colombia Flavor Profile

Sweet and juicy notes of red berries, cranberries, and blackcurrants dominate the flavor profile of Nespresso Colombia and are redolent of wine. The undertones of caramel and candied apples render the flavor even sweeter.

Much like the acidity in wine, the Nespresso Colombia has a sharp brightness to it that works as a pick-me-up. 

Only the ripest Arabica coffee beans are chosen to create the Nespresso Colombia coffee. Coupled with this, a longer fermentation process results in the coffee having a fruity taste.

Nespresso Colombia Caffeine Content

One mug of coffee made with a Nespresso Colombia pod has about 165 milligrams of caffeine. An average 8-ounce cup of coffee only has 100 mg of caffeine, so this coffee is sure to give you a proper energy boost.

I had a cup of Nespresso Colombia in the morning, a few hours before writing this review. I really enjoyed the bright taste and energizing effect it provided!

After going for a walk and doing groceries, I started writing this review. And I still feel like having a nice and productive mood.

Nespresso Colombia Features

Nespresso’s array of coffee pods encapsulates the diversity of flavors found across the globe, and the Nespresso Colombia coffee pods stand as a testament to the rich coffee heritage of South America. 

Let’s break it down into details so that you get a better idea of its features and then decide if it’s something you would like to try.


As the name suggests, Nespresso Colombia consists of Arabica coffee beans grown in the highlands of Colombia.

The farmers choose a late harvest to pick only the ripe coffee beans. With a longer fermentation process and wet coffee bean processing, Nespresso Colombia coffee has a fruity flavor and a sweet taste.


Low on the bitterness scale with a score of 1 out of 5, the Nespresso Colombia has just the slightest bitter hint.

This allows you to fully indulge in the sweet, fruity notes with berries and candied apple undertones. 


The acidity is bright and lively, offering a refreshing zest that elevates the overall tasting experience.

A full 5 out of 5 on the acidity scale makes the Nespresso Colombia a darling among those coffee connoisseurs who like their cup vibrant and each sip tingling on their tongue.  

Roast Level

Nespresso Colombia beans are roasted for a short time to get a fast and light roast. However, a small portion of the coffee beans is roasted a tad bit longer to add complexity to the flavor profile.

This roasting style is ideal for capturing the inherent sweetness and brightness of the Colombian beans, allowing the nuances to shine through. 


The Nespresso Colombia coffee pods present a light-bodied experience that does not sit heavily on the palate.

It scores 1 out of 5 on the body scale, allowing you to take short sips that are full of energy and zest.


On an intensity scale of 13, the Nespresso Costa Rica pods have a score of 5.

This translates to a mild intensity, making it perfect for coffee lovers who want to enjoy a mild coffee experience that’s flavorful, bright, sweet, and light.


The finish of the Nespresso Colombia coffee is a delightful linger of caramel and red berries, leaving a sweet and lively sensation on the palate.

This finish encapsulates the blend’s harmony of flavors, inviting you to savor the aftertaste of the cup. 

Portion Size

To savor the fruity and sweet coffee, serve Nespresso Colombia in a 7.77-oz (230 ml) mug.

This allows the coffee’s rich caramel notes and lively acidity to meld together, providing a well-rounded tasting experience.


Part of the Nespresso Vertuo Master Crafter Single Origin series, this special coffee is a bit more expensive than most other coffee pods.

Buy Nespresso Colombia coffee pods in a sleeve of 10 pods for $13.50.

You can also order them from Amazon for about the same price.

Prices may vary depending on the country and regional retailer.

Nespresso Colombia Review Conclusion

The Colombia blend’s light roast, low bitterness, and lively acidity make it a fantastic choice for those who appreciate an energetic and sweet cup of coffee.

The recommended 7.77-oz mug size allows the blend’s intricate fruity and juicy flavors to shine, offering a true taste of Colombian coffee artistry in every sip.

For a stronger cup of coffee with low acidity and a fuller body, read my review on Nespresso Altissio or Nespresso Intenso.

Watch this space for more reviews on Nespresso coffee pods that are compatible with the Vertuo coffee machine. Signing off for today!

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