Altissio Nespresso Vertuo Review (Flavor, Caffeine Content & More)

Nespresso Altissio Review
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My quest to try and find out the best-tasting coffee pods compatible with the Nespresso Vertuo machine continues.

My love affair with coffee began sometime back and since I got my hands on the Nespresso Vertuo coffee maker, I haven’t been able to stop myself from trying coffee pods of differing intensities and sharing my thoughts with you all.

I have already shared reviews of Nespresso Il Caffè, Double Espresso Chiaro, and Intenso.

Today, I’m going to tell you all about Altissio Nespresso – how it tastes, the best portion size, flavor profile, the main features, and who should buy it. 

What is Nespresso Altissio?

Nespresso Altissio is another coffee capsule from Nespresso, meant to be brewed with Nespresso Vertuo. Altissio is made using heavily roasted Arabica coffee from South America and Costa Rica for a rich, creamy espresso with cereal-like flavors.

Altissio Nespresso Vertuo Features

You will get the best result by brewing one 1.35 oz or 40 ml espresso shot with one Nespresso Altissio coffee pod. My Nespresso Vertuo Next does this automatically as it recognizes the type of coffee pod that you insert into the machine.

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You can buy either a 10-capsule sleeve or a pack of 5 with 50 capsules.

The coffee is packaged in recyclable aluminum capsules, which are great for preserving the freshness and flavor of the coffee.

Each Nespresso Altissio capsule contains 7 grams of roast and ground coffee, which is the perfect amount for a single shot of espresso.

Nespresso Altissio Flavor Profile

Costa Rican and South American beans are used to create the powerful blend of Nespresso Altissio. As I was sipping the full-bodied and creamy espresso, I noticed the sweet and soft cereal flavors.

The intensity of the coffee is quite strong but it’s nicely mellowed by the soft and creamy flavors.

The sure way to get a balanced but strong and smooth coffee is by wetting the coffee grinds and pouring the water through them slowly.

With a high extraction temperature, you will bring out the entire symphony of flavors from the coffee beans. And this is exactly what the Vertuo machine will do automatically!

Nespresso Altissio Caffeine Content

One espresso shot made with a Nespresso Altissio capsule contains about 108 milligrams of caffeine. This is as much as you would have in an average 8-ounce cup of coffee!

I had my first Altissio espresso coffee on a nice and sunny afternoon and it gave me just the right amount of caffeine to feel energized and go for a walk in the nature.

As the caffeine kicked in, I felt my feet taking me farther away than usual, and ended up walking for over an hour.

You can also choose Altissio Decaffeinato if you want to enjoy the same taste without caffeine.

Nespresso Altissio Features

There are dozens of different types of Nespresso Vertuo coffee capsules and each one has several features from bitterness and acidity to roast level and intensity. Here I will explain all about the different features of Nespresso Altissio coffee so that you can understand what this coffee is all about.

Here’s a rundown of the main features of Nespresso Altissio coffee pods.


Costa Rican and South American Arabica beans are used primarily to make this blend. A touch of Robusta beans is added to provide the right boldness and bitterness.

If you are a fan of Costa Rican coffee, consider also buying the Nespresso Costa Rica coffee pods for a premium single-origin coffee experience.


The Nespresso Altissio lies in the middle of the bitterness scale — 3 out of 5. The beans are treated to bring out a balanced boldness without the coffee becoming too bitter.


Don’t expect any tangy, tart, or sharp taste in the Nespresso Altissio. It scores 1 out of 5 for acidity. The result is always smooth and well-balanced.

Roast Level

The roast level of Nespresso Altissio is 3 out of 5, which is in the middle of the scale, rendering it intense but not too bitter.

The roasting of the beans is short but pretty intense and stopped at the right time to make sure the coffee is not too bitter but gives you a full-bodied mouthfeel. 


As far as the body is concerned, the Nespresso Altissio gets a 3 out of 5. The coffee has a medium body with a thick, rich, and creamy mouthfeel. The richness is enhanced by the sweet cereal undertones. 


The intensity level of 9 makes Nespresso Altissio fall toward the lower end of the high-intensity slab. Coffees that fall between an intensity scale of 9 and 13 are the strongest on all counts — bold, bitter, strong, and dark.


The first sip of the Nespresso Altissio gives you a strong and bold taste. You get a finish of the creamy mouthfeel along with the sweet cereal notes.

Portion Size

Size does matter and in the case of Nespresso Altissio, the best serving size is 1.35 oz or 40 ml espresso.  


At $0.98 per capsule, you can order a sleeve of ten coffee pods at $9.80 in the US.

Alternatively, you can order a bundle pack of 5 from Amazon with a total of 50 pods.

The prices differ per country.

Nespresso Altissio Review Conclusion

Nespresso Altissio is for those who are just beginning to appreciate the taste of strong and robust espresso. The mild bitterness and medium body are great for those who want to gradually move toward a stronger cup. 

The sweet cereal notes are there to make sure things don’t get too intense. For a creamier experience, try Nespresso Altissio with steamed milk. The full-bodied taste feels richer with milk.

You can also try Il Caffè Nespresso for an even bolder and more intense espresso shot. Or go for Chiaro coffee pods to get a double shot of espresso.

If you want to know how the various Nespresso Vertuo-compatible coffee pods fare, stay with me and watch out for my next review!

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