Altissio Decaffeinato Nespresso Vertuo Review (Flavor, Caffeine Content & More)

Nespresso Altissio Decaffeinato Review
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I hope you’ve been reading my reviews where I share my experience with the coffee pods compatible with the Nespresso Vertuo Line coffee machines.

From intense and bold to sweet and milky, I’ve tried various Nespresso coffee pods just so that I can share with you my honest reviews and you can choose the ones that suit your taste and mood.

So let us continue our discussion with another coffee pod that I bought recently. I tried Altissio Decaffeinato this time.

Those of you who want to take a break from caffeine should definitely read this review!

What is Nespresso Altissio Decaffeinato?

As you can probably tell by the name, Nespresso Altissio Decaffeinato is a close cousin of Nespresso Altissio but with one major difference – there is no caffeine in it. It’s a bold and full-bodied espresso blend made in the style of the classic Altissio recipe.

Altissio Decaffeinato Nespresso Vertuo Features

You can brew a 1.35 oz or 40 ml size espresso with one pod on your Nespresso coffee machine. Nespresso Altissio Decaffeinato pods are available in a 10-pod sleeve or a bundle pack of 5 sleeves.

Nespresso Altissio Decaffeinato Flavor Profile

The Nespresso Altissio Decaffeinato delivers a flavor profile that is bold and full-bodied. This decaffeinated espresso is the result of blending South American Arabicas with Robusta, adding a soft cereal note from a Costa Rican Arabica. 

The dark and short roast of the Arabicas brings out their natural complexity. Despite being decaffeinated, the taste remains true to the original, with a rich and intense roast that is beautifully enhanced by the addition of milk.

The velvety crema adds a luxurious touch to the experience, and the Latin American blend offers a unique and creamy cereal note.

Nespresso Altissio Decaffeinato Caffeine Content

Made with decaffeinated coffee beans, one espresso shot of Nespresso Altissio Decaffeinato only has about 4 milligrams of caffeine. This is such a small amount that you can even drink it in the evening without worrying about losing your sleep.

When I drink coffee in the morning or afternoon, I usually want to have an energy boost. But sometimes I get the coffee cravings in the evening — and that’s the perfect time to brew a shot of Altissio Decaffeinato!

This is exactly what happened yesterday evening, so I had one espresso made with an Altissio Decaffeinato coffee pod. As expected, I didn’t feel any energizing effect and fell asleep normally.

In addition to evening coffee drinkers, decaffeinated coffee is also a great option for people who are sensitive to caffeine or trying to cut down their caffeine intake.

Nespresso Altissio Decaffeinato Features

Each Nespresso Vertuo coffee is different and there are many interesting aspects to compare. From acidity and bitterness to roast level and origin of the coffee beans, these are the features that make all Nespresso coffees unique.

The features of Nespresso Altissio Decaffeinato are:


Latin American Arabica coffee beans form the main part of the blend. Some Robusta beans add boldness to the taste.  


The bitterness of the coffee is derived from the perfect blend of Arabica and Robusta beans and scores 3 out of 5 on the scale. Not too bitter but just the right amount to give a kick to the coffee blend.


Scoring 1 out of 5 on the acidity scale, the Nespresso Altissio Decaffeinato has none of the sharpness or sour taste associated with coffees that are high in acidity. 

Roast Level

The roasting level at 3 is balanced as the beans are roasted at a dark level for a short time to coax out the full flavor and taste profile, resulting in a bold and intense coffee blend.


Scoring 3 out of 5 on the body scale, the Nespresso Altissio Decaffeinato is a full-bodied espresso experience with a rich and creamy texture. The hint of the cereal notes cloaks the body with a soft texture. 


The intensity is on the higher side of the scale as the Nespresso Altissio Decaffeinato scores 9 out of 13, making it one of the strongest Nespresso coffee pods. The intense flavor profile of the blend is a result of mostly Arabica beans with some Robusta beans.


Starting off on a bold and bitter note, the finish of the Nespresso Altissio Decaffeinato is soft and creamy with a hint of cereal notes. 

Portion Size

Serve this as a 1.35 oz espresso to savor the rich intensity. Or, you can add milk to make it into a creamy cappuccino that would make the natural body and velvety thickness of the blend stand out.


Order 10 capsules of Nespresso Altissio Decaffeinato for a price of $10.50 where each pod costs $1.05 in the USA. The prices are slightly different in each country.

Altissio Decaffeinato Review Conclusion

Nespresso Altissio Decaffeinato is for those like anyone who love the taste of a bold espresso. Enjoy the strong and rich flavors of a classic espresso without the caffeine kick.

And if you want to enjoy the original Nespresso Altissio with caffeine, check out my review for more information. Or if you are looking for a milder option, read my Nespresso Bianco Doppio review for a double shot of coffee that has fruity and caramel notes and tastes great when combined with milk.

Until my next Nespresso Vertuo coffee pods review, have a coffeelicious day!

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