Fortado Nespresso Vertuo Review (Flavor, Caffeine Content & More)

Fortado Nespresso Vertuo Review
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Another day, another review of a Nespresso Vertuo-compatible coffee pod!

I hope you’ve been following me on my journey where I brew and taste the various coffee blends that come in these capsules. I always keep my reviews honest and unbiased so that you can get a fair idea of what you can expect from a particular variant. 

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to try the Nespresso Fortado, the strongest variant for the Gran Lungo size. This capsule is perfect for those who want a larger size of coffee with the same signature flavors and boldness.

So let’s find out whether it’s something you’d fancy.

What is Nespresso Fortado?

Nespresso Fortado is a coffee blend with bold and intense flavors of Latin American Arabicas and Indian Robusta beans. It’s available in coffee pods compatible with Nespresso Vertuo machines and makes you a strong cup of coffee with plenty of caffeine.

Fortado Nespresso Vertuo Features

Nespresso Fortado is created specially for a Gran Lungo size and that’s why you can brew a 5.07 oz or 150 ml size beverage with one pod. Fortado coffee is available in a 10-pod sleeve or a bundle pack of 3.

The ground coffee is packaged in recyclable aluminum capsules to preserve freshness and flavor. Each capsule contains 10 grams of roasted and ground coffee.

Nespresso Fortado Flavor Profile

Regarding the flavor profile of Nespresso Fortado, you can expect a rich and intense taste experience. It provides a deep and complex flavor in every sip with notes of cocoa and a hint of smokiness from the oak undertones.

The combination of Arabica and Robusta beans creates a harmonious blend that balances the robustness of the Robusta with the smoothness of the Arabica. The thick crema and velvety texture of the coffee coats the palate, leaving a lingering aftertaste of bittersweet chocolate which is both satisfying and memorable.

With its dark roast and strong aroma, Fortado is sure to please strong coffee enthusiasts.

Nespresso Fortado Caffeine Content

One cup of coffee made with a Nespresso Fortado capsule has about 195 milligrams of caffeine. It’s almost two times as much as you would have in a regular 8–ounce cup of coffee.

I had my first Nespresso Fortado on a Saturday morning before going for a jog. Even after a good night’s sleep, I was feeling a bit lazy so a strong cup of coffee was just what I needed.

Nespresso Fortado had enough caffeine to give me a nice energy boost so 20 minutes after drinking it I was excited to go out and run!

If you feel like drinking coffee but don’t want any caffeine, Nespresso Altissio Decaffeinato is something you should check out.

Nespresso Fortado Features

The selection of Nespresso Vertuo coffee pods is vast and has everything from bold and dark roasted coffees to mild and light roasted coffees with fruity notes. Next, let’s discuss the features of Nespresso Fortado so you can better understand all of the details related to this coffee.

Nespresso Fortado has the following main features:


Washed Latin American Arabica coffee beans blended with Indian Robusta beans create this strong character of coffee. 


Thanks to the high-quality Robusta beans, the bitterness of the coffee scores 4 out of 5 on the scale. Enjoy the bitterness along with the deep oak and cocoa notes of the Nespresso Fortado.


The low acidity of 1 out of 5 ensures that the Nespresso Fortado is a smooth operator with zero sharpness or tang. 

Roast Level

A roast level of 4 out of 5 means that the Nespresso Fortado is a bold performer with a rich and full-bodied taste. The split roast of the beans brings out the best qualities of both Robusta and Arabica beans. 

Get incomparable intensity and a full body from the naturally processed Indian Robusta beans roasted for a long time to remove all the harshness. 

The Arabica beans are processed for a long time to a dark roast to develop the inherent oak wood and cocoa notes of the coffee.


The body of the Nespresso Fortado is 4 out of 5, giving you a smooth and rounded experience. Credit goes to the superior quality of the Indian Robusta beans for providing the coffee with its full body. 


On an intensity scale of 1 to 13, the Nespresso Fortado is 8. It means that you get a strong coffee with the right balance of aroma, flavor, and acidity. Another characteristic of coffees with a higher medium intensity is the lingering bittersweet aftertaste.

If you want something a bit milder, I recommend that you try Nespresso Melozio.


The Indian Robusta part of the coffee will greet you with unmistakable boldness and a full body with crema. The finish is a soothing woody and earthy hint of cocoa and oak wood notes. 

Portion Size

Nespresso Fortado is best enjoyed as a 5.07 oz or 150 ml long and slow beverage. 


Nespresso Fortado is available in a 10-pod sleeve for $11.50.

Nespresso Fortado Review Conclusion

Nespresso Fortado is a perfect blend of Indian Robusta and Latin American Arabica coffee beans. The result is a long and deep coffee with a full body and lingering wood and cocoa notes.

If you are looking for a bitter and strong coffee, look no further!

If you want a high-intensity coffee ride, I recommend that you also check out my review on Nespresso Il Caffe.

Until my next Nespresso Vertuo review, au revoir!

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