7 Best Starbucks Americano Drinks: Intense and Refreshing!

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The Americano is a classic drink with plenty of caffeine to help you get your day started right!

If you’ve experienced the creamy and bold flavors of an Americano from Starbucks, you probably are wondering what other Americano drinks are available on their menu.

Perhaps, you want to expand your horizons and try something new. Or, maybe you simply want to feel confident the next time you order coffee.

Either way, this helpful guide will give you some Americano inspiration!

What is Starbucks Americano Coffee?

First of all, let’s discuss what an Americano coffee actually is.

Americanos are espresso beverages diluted with hot water. They feature a delicate crema on top. Not to be confused with cream, crema is formed by the emulsification of coffee oils.

Specifically, Americano drinks from Starbucks contain shots of espresso and hot water to create a decadent crema with more depth of flavor!

Starbucks Americanos can be made stronger by adding additional shots of espresso as well.

Americanos are similar to lattes in that they both have fresh espresso. But unlike lattes, Americanos are made with hot water and no steamed milk. The result is a full-bodied coffee with delicate flavor nuances uninterrupted by milk flavors.

Also, if you are comparing Americano vs black coffee, the difference is that regular black coffee is normally brewed with the drip coffee method.

My Favorite Starbucks Americano Drinks

Now, you know how Americanos are made at Starbucks and how they differ from lattes. Since you have the basics down, here are seven of the most refreshing Starbucks Americano drinks to try!

Starbucks Iced Americano Drinks

Remember, any of these Americanos can be customized on-demand to create a unique drink that is perfect for your individual tastes.

1. Iced Caffè Americano

The Iced Caffè Americano from Starbucks features fresh shots of signature espresso topped with cold water and then poured over ice. This produces a light layer of crema atop the cold, refreshing drink.

Starbucks Iced Caffè Americano

The iced Americano can also be made with extra shots of espresso for an additional caffeine boost. Flavors and toppings can be added as well.

Without the addition of extra flavors or toppings, this beverage contains only 15 calories, zero grams of sugar, and 0 grams of fat. This makes it great for people who are trying to avoid sugar, dairy, or excess calories.

It’s also one of the best hangover drinks if you need an energy boost after a big night!

2. Caffè Americano Misto

If you love the taste of pure espresso but also like a little creaminess, the Caffè Americano Misto is a wonderful option.

This hot beverage is made with bold espresso shots and layered with hot water. Then, it is accentuated by steamed milk, creating an authentic, hand-crafted drink to warm your soul.

For espresso purists seeking a milder Americano, this is a wonderful choice!

3. Americano con Crema

The Americano con Crema is a frothy and creamy drink with sweet hints of flavor and rich espresso notes. This take on a classic Americano can be elevated with orange syrup.

Introduced in 2017, this beverage is made with cold blended foam, vanilla, cinnamon, and milk. It comes topped with raw sugar for a thick, delicious, and creamy combination of flavors!

4. Iced Americano Blanco

The Starbucks Iced Americano Blanco is a refreshing, creamy, and full-bodied drink with an infusion of white chocolate mocha flavors.

Beautifully dressed up, it’s the perfect combination of invigorating espresso and sweet white mocha nuances. This is a delicious beverage for anyone seeking cool, sweet refreshment.

5. Creme Caramel Iced Americano

Starbucks caramel drinks are infamous!

The Creme Caramel Iced Americano takes the classic iced Americano to a sweeter, more decadent place. In this drink, signature Starbucks Creme Caramel Syrup is added for a delicious combination of bold coffee and caramel notes.

It can be topped with whipped cream or enjoyed without dairy!

6. Vanilla Americano

A Vanilla Americano is simply a regular Americano but with a pump of vanilla syrup. This creates an infusion of coffee and vanilla flavors for a lightly sweet pick-me-up.

What is better than fresh coffee with hints of bright vanilla, after all?

7. Iced Hazelnut Americano

The Iced Hazelnut Americano is a sweet, nutty take on the classic iced Americano. Hazelnut is a perfect partner for fresh espresso.

Starbucks Hazelnut flavors accentuate the taste of espresso without diminishing the naturally smooth undertones of coffee.

If you love Nutella and espresso, this icy hazelnut Americano coffee drink is definitely worth a try!

Final Thoughts on Best Starbucks Americano Drinks

All in all, Starbucks Americano drinks are delicious caffeinated beverages made with freshly prepared espresso shots and hot or cold water.

As you can see, there are many delicious ways to dress up your Starbucks Americano with syrup, milk, ice, and toppings.

Hopefully, this list with my favorite Starbucks Americano drinks included just what you were searching for!

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