What is Dunkin’ Sunrise Batch Coffee? Should You Try It?

Dunkin' Sunrise Batch Coffee
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Have you been wondering about the different types of Dunkin’ coffees? Nothing tops a fresh cup of coffee early in the morning.

Dunkin’ Sunrise Batch Coffee is the perfect way to wake up and greet the dawn. Made with 100% Arabica beans, this smooth, well-balanced coffee is a delicious option for people looking for a distinctive brew to start the day off right!

Below, we will fill you in on everything you need to know about this limited-batch series coffee including what Dunkin’ Sunrise Batch is, how it tastes, and where it is sourced from.

What is Sunrise Batch Coffee?

In the spring of 2021, Dunkin’ announced the launch of an updated menu including a new Limited Batch Series Sunrise Batch Coffee.

Dunkin’ Sunrise Batch Coffee is a medium roast blend made with 100% pure Arabica beans. This authentic Dunkin’ Limited Batch Series blend is perfect for all kinds of coffee drinkers and comes in iced or hot styles to suit every palate.

It has plenty of caffeine and an enticing flavor to help you rise and shine!

Dunkin’ Limited Batch Series was launched to give avid coffee fans more variety and a new selection of premium coffee blends. This series was originally launched early in the year 2021 with the introduction of an Explorer Batch. Then, toward the summer, Dunkin’ released the new Sunrise Batch as a bright, smooth, and tangy alternative to the Dunkin’ Original Blend.

What Kind of Coffee Beans Are Used for the Sunrise Batch?

Dunkin’ Sunrise Batch Coffee has been carefully crafted by experts with a blend of signature beans sourced from Latin America and Kenya.

In fact, this is the first Dunkin’ brew ever offered with Kenyan coffee beans. Coffee beans from Kenya are known for their smooth flavor notes and rich profiles.

Moreover, coffee beans from Latin America are often bright and citrusy. By combining these beans in a signature blend, Dunkin’ Sunrise Batch is flavorful and delicately tangy with a smooth, rich finish.

What roast is Dunkin’ Sunrise Batch Coffee made with?

Dunkin’ Sunrise Batch Coffee is a medium roast blend. The medium roast profile is known for offering the perfect balance between bright and smooth flavors.

Although darker roasts tend to be slightly bolder with less acidity, medium roast beans have more distinctive flavor notes and tend to taste a bit richer.

What Does it Taste Like?

Dunkin’ describes the taste of their Sunrise Batch Coffee as delicately balanced with a smooth flavor, citrusy notes, and caramel nuances. Some people also describe the flavor of this coffee as slightly nutty and lightly tangy.

So how did I like it?

When comparing Dunkin’ Sunrise Batch vs regular coffee, it’s lively and smooth with a bright nutty finish. And I really enjoyed drinking it!

I think that it perfectly complements some of my favorite Dunkin’ breakfast foods and snacks including Stuffed Bagel Minis, Avocado Toast, or the classic Bacon Egg and Cheese breakfast sandwich.

Since this is a medium-roast coffee, it is neither overpowering nor underwhelming. The citrus notes from the Latin American coffee beans pair wonderfully with the delicate nutty and caramel nuances of the smooth Kenya coffee. This is great news for people looking for a tantalizing coffee blend that is complex and tasty.

However, if you like your coffee a little milder and less acidic, you may want to add milk or cream to this blend. Still, it goes very nicely with the sweet flavors of pastries and doughnuts.

All in all, this breakfast blend coffee has a smooth and bright flavor that can help you perk up your morning.

Is Dunkin’ Sunrise Batch Sourced Sustainably?

Yes, Dunkin’ is committed to coffee sustainability. As such, all of the coffee sourced by Dunkin’ from foreign locations is acquired responsibly.

Dunkin’ Donuts is committed to protecting and assisting the coffee farmers that provide the Sunrise Batch beans. They are invested in helping the farmers as they harvest beans from their respective coffee plantations.

In fact, Dunkin’ is allocating $40,000 to ensure that coffee suppliers partnered with their company are taught about gender equity via the Equal Origins Partnership for Gender Equity’s Virtual Learning Journey. This program uses virtual learning to help rural communities advance gender equity for a more resilient supply chain.

Is Dunkin’ Sunrise Batch Available as Iced Coffee?

If you prefer your coffee on ice, you will be pleased to find out that Dunkin’ Sunrise Batch is available as an iced coffee drink.

This limited edition roast is brewed freshly and then served over ice with milk or flavors added for the perfect refreshing way to wake up in the morning or complement warm breakfast foods. It’s definitely one of the best iced coffee drinks at Dunkin’!

The Bottom Line on Dunkin’ Sunrise Batch

In a nutshell, Dukin’ Sunrise Batch Coffee is part of the latest Dunkin’ Donuts Limited Batch Series. This new limited-edition coffee series is available for coffee connoisseurs who want to enjoy an array of deliciously complex new coffee bean blends sourced sustainably from around the world.

Dunkin’ Sunrise Batch Coffee is produced responsibly and has a bright, lively flavor with smooth undertones and caramel nuances. Available in hot or iced formats, this combination of Kenyan and Latin American coffee beans is perfect for starting your day and pairs wonderfully with a range of Dunkin’ breakfast foods.

So, if you are looking for a low-calorie Dunkin’ Donuts drink that goes well with all kinds of salty or sweet items and can help you kick your day off right, Dunkin’ Sunrise Batch Coffee is definitely worth investigating!

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